An independent take on the legendary Portal


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Vecinity is a first person puzzle game, which its developers define as 'Portal made by an independent team'. The reality, of course, is not quite as good looking, but the game does offer an interesting experience nonetheless.

The player assumes the role of Claire, a young woman who, with the help of a number of high-tech gadgets, must gain access to an abandoned science laboratory to retrieve the Control Cube, a mysterious artefact that allows you to bend reality itself.

As you would expect, the lab is full of traps and puzzles that require our heroine use her 'Dynamic Force Manipulator', an artefact with which she can manipulate objects from a distance. In practice, this device works in very similar way to the legendary gravity gun from Half-Life 2.

With these tools in hand and with a series of rooms full of puzzles lying ahead, the player's objective is to get in, collect the cube, and get out, without the poor Claire being left stuck in the complex forever. And as you will quickly find out, this will be no easy task.

Vecinity is an entertaining first-person puzzle and platform game, which while sharing some similarities with Portal, unsurprisingly fails to reach that game’s dizzying heights. That said, it's still well worth the effort, and will probably last no more than an hour and a half to any fan of the genre.
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